Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Aidan's first official Playday

This year Aidan seems to be playing more and more with neighbourhood kids on his own, without Wallace and I hovering over him.  He has three great friends in the neighbourhood, who took them under their wings and taught him how to play hide and seek; and tag.

Of course, Wallace or I are still in the area (on our porch or front lawn, great time to do some weeding; gardening or light reading) to make sure that Aidan is okay.  It was hard at first, but it's nice.

Last Saturday was gardening day, Aidan and his friend Angela helped me loosen the soil; watered the grass and plants and raked the leaves.   Angela declared it as a Playday and both kids seems to think it was great to be doing some gardening.   Aidan got into it by wearing his gardening gloves, used his gardening tool and watering can.    They continued their fun, down at the "Living Room Basement" with Aidan's train set and legos.

Garden is shaping up with new plants courtesy of Nancy (thanks!).   


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Won't be long now and you'll be posting about Aidan's first girlfriend!

MarissaDW said...

Noooo! Not ready for that. Well, actually....it's interesting you mentioned that. According to Angela's dad, Angela mentioned that Aidan and her are going to get married because she's two year's older than Aidan just like her mom and dad. LOL! Her dad had to spell out the word MARRIED to tell us the story. Yikes!

andy said...

Let me do the speech at the wedding LOL!

irenka said...

Be careful gardening while the kids play. Mine played a lot longer than I had the energy to be out in the garden.