Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prepping for Scotiabank Rat Race

It's been hard trying to find time to exercise and run in preparation for the Scotiabank Rat Race on Thursday, June 18.  It's down to the wire and have been running and walking the last few days to catch-up on missed exercise and training last week.

I think I can make it, I just hope I don't cramp up.  My leg has been getting stiff while I'm running my first 15 mins.  which doesn't help with my psyche.

I just have to think like the engine train "I know I can....I know I can...."

On that note, I did run today and feeling good.  I even declined a Macdonald "Sausage Egg mcmuffin" when I met Aidan, Wallace and Yeye (Aidan's grandpa) for breakfast this morning (after my run).   I settled for half a piece of pancake and OJ.

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irenka said...

You are very brave. good Luck.