Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation Starts Today

My vacation officially starts today, it was nice this morning, just easing out of bed, not having to worry about going to work. Of course, that lasted until 9:30am when I received a call from one of my team member. Oh well, I went to the gym to workout (to destress myself), feeling good, it almost made me think twice about buying Tim's LDD. I lasted the whole day but caved in coming home from Fairview Mall. LOL!I also had my mandatory haircut for the summer, I was supposed to have it last Friday, but Wallace sent me to run an errand to Cyclepath to get the Chariot stroller kit. Glad I did because it came in handy for the Canada's Wonderland adventure on Saturday. Anyway, getting back to what I was saying, the hairdresser named Ryan (who I thought originally was a guy, turned out to be a girl) cut my hair. I felt like a cheat because my regular hairdresser wasn't in today. And if you know me, once I have something on my head to do....I must do it. I guess they call that OC, but since the boys had their haircut, Aidan told me I should also have a haircut before we go to Chicago.

I did a bit more gardening, since our backyard had a new facelift. Thanks to Jiro (Green Goddess Home and Gardens Inc.) did the backyard - dug it up; put drainage; put down the bricks. It's awesome, now we can actually enjoy the rest of the backyard.


andy said...

Love the landscaping!

andy said...

BTW, you guys have a swell time in the Second City... Remember, the Field Museum... a must-see

MarissaDW said...

Thanks, we have it on our list to see.