Sunday, June 28, 2009

Visit to Lowes

I've been waiting for Lowe's to open in our side of town, finally a store opened at Eglinton Town Centre area.  I know I'm supposed to be supporting Canadian stores but it's hard when there's not much selections at Rona.   Whenever, I visit my brother in NJ, Wallace and I make a point at stopping at Lowe's, my brother and sister-in-law thought we're crazy.  But, we've come away with great things from Lowe's whenever we were down in the States, such as the large mirror seating in our living room / dining room area; planters and the snoozing gnome.

We had a quick stop at Lowes today and I have to tell you, it's one place that I highly recommend.   It's so nice to come to a place where it's nice and tidy in the aisles - no obstructions in the middle of the aisle; lots of selections; and a helpful employee just within your reach.  They had a promotion today, where you stop at four station and you get a "passport stamp" from four stations.   In the end you get a $10.00 card and a chance to win a prize.   Great promotion and a way for people to tour the place.   

Okay...maybe the novelty will wear off and the employees and store will lag in their service or not have things in stock.  But I'd like to think that this how Lowe's normally operate and if it so, they will definitely have a loyal customer.


andy said...

Not to mention that Gene Hackman does the voice over for their TV ads!!! :D

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I found everything I needed at the Lowe's in Brampton. Good you have one near to you. Love it. It's especially great for Christmas stuff.

MarissaDW said...

AJ (-: Gene Hackman...really! I never noticed. Have to pay attention next time.

I was soooo excited to hear that Lowe's was opening in our area. Can't imagine. I felt like a stalker the Saturday before it can see that there were stuff outside the store and the inside was lit up, but the doors were closed. I drove by twice to make sure it's not yet open.