Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking Buddy

I went to the Arts and Crafts show at Kew Gardens Sunday afternoon with Aidan, friends and their dog Buddy (a Jack Russel).  Aidan who usually prefers to ride on his stroller, vacated it from Glen Manor to the Kew Beach.  It stunned me for a bit, thinking that my kid actually decided to walk and then I quickly realized that he wanted to walk with Buddy.    I told my friends Stephanie and Ivan that we'll have to borrow Buddy when we go for walks.
It was a beautiful day and it was enjoyed by everyone.  Aidan enjoyed playing at the playground with the girls and loved his new Darth Vader costume from Dreampower.  We basked in the sun while enjoying the fine craftsman at the Arts and Craft show.   Almost bought a few things, but settled for some jam for gifts.
After a hard days work.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Get that boy a DOG!

Sharon said...

I have to laugh about the stroller. After going to Woofstock and seeing all the dog strollers, I just had to have one. My excuse is that I can use it to comfortably wheel my girls to the vet. Tayoh goes around every 2-3 months for her injectionsd so it would be worth it not to dislocate a shoulder trying to hoist her up in the air. I hate taking cabs and my dad is now too old to be the chauffeur. Mind you, he had a great time last month taking pictures of goldfinches at the vet's back yeard feeders while I was in the operatory with the 2 girls. I ordered a stroller from ebay. Yes, the insane shopping continues....