Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day

A friend got me thinking about being a Canadian and what a perfect time to reflect.  I've always wondered why my aunts and dad settled in Canada instead of United States, where all the bulk of my relatives are located in the States. I became a Canadian Citizenship thanks to my dad who passed the test and being underaged to take the test...I automatically became a Canadian Citizen when he did.

I've had my share of name calling and bullying for being different, when I was younger.   But the good things certainly outweighed the bad experiences I had.  While living in Toronto, I met Wallace and his wonderful family.  I had Aidan. I met wonderful groups of  friends from different cultural background through school; art interests and work.  I learned and experienced about different cultures due to friends.   I would not know the joy of  playing snowball fights; making a fort on our lawn and pulling Aidan on his sled during the winter wonderland at Taylor Creek park.  I would not know the joy of having a Timmy's LDD.

I'm proud and I am Canadian.

Happy Canada Day!


nancy said...

great post!!! happy canada day!
i love toronto too!!!

Karen said...

And you are a wonderful friend. I am glad we met!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

It's a good thing your Dad stayed! I'm so glad he did.