Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rainy Fourth of July

We spent the day at Navy Pier / Children's Museum. The weather was less than perfect, it rained for most of the afternoon but it cleared up around early in the evening. I wanted to stay for the 4th of July fireworks but I got overruled by Aidan and Wallace. In the end it might have been a smarter decision, as there were tonnes of people streaming into Navy Pier, as we were leaving. We felt like salmon swimming upstream. It would have taken us a long time to get back to the hotel. I ended up enjoying a stop at Borders and picking up a Somerset Studio mag and postcards.

The museums in Chicago are amazing, there are lots of things to do for kids and adults alike. At Children's Museum, we ended up building a little house; Aidan climbed a netted "jungle gym" (which I was a nervous wreck but my little guy was amazin); cooked for us at the Children's block party and invented some flying machine.

Hopped on to the Ferris Wheel and believe it or not didn't even mind the height.


nancy said...

looks like your having a great time!!you've inspired me to visit!

andy said...

Oh! I miss Borders -- there was a Borders I used to frequent when I was in Indy.