Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rocket Launch

Aidan received a rocket launch kit for his birthday.  Wallace built the rocket and created much excitement at the Wong's household on a Sunday afternoon.   Aidan, Wallace, Warner (Aidan's uncle) and I went to Sunnybrook park (soccer field) to launch it.  There was another father and son that launched a rocket five minutes before us and were looking for their rocket which took off 1600 ft up and was carried away by a breeze.  Needless to say, they couldn't find their rocket. 

We followed suite with the launch and also lost the rocket after it's launch in the air at 600 ft. Needless to say, there were mixed emotions from the little man (excitement about the launch; sad due to the loss of the rocket).  In the end, he forgot all about it after coming home to Lego Star Wars.

This is the footage we had of the preparation and launch.


andy said...

Wow… talk about going ballistic! Next time you may want to put a GPS tracker on the rocket :D

Irene said...

Do you realize that you need insurance to launch those things. My son did that for many years, he was a little older than Aidan. I'm sure I still have some rockets around, I don't remember him losing his, he always painted them in bright colours, most of the time he put too much stuff in and it burst, that was the fun part for him. (destructive little pain) But we got really reprimanded by police once for launching in a public place without insurance. He joined a rocket club and then we had insurance and clearance to launch.