Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catching up on Blogs

Catching up with blogs tonight (reading and entering one, of course).   I dare say, I've been busy all week but can't seem to recall with what.  Hmm.  Let me think.

Oh yeah, I taking Fusion Jazz / Bollywood at Rhythm and Motion Studio.  I'm going with my friend Ana, I figured I would sign up and do something out of the ordinary.  Besides it was a toss up between Salsa dancing; Belly Dancing and Fusion Jazz.  Hmm.  I've done the first two dances, so through process of elimination, we decided to take Fusion Jazz.  I like it.

One of the night was for a work event, celebrating employees' Seniority Recognition event.  I went as one of the employees celebrating a milestone - 20 years plus I'm one of the managers whose employees are also celebrating their milestones of 10 years.  It was nice seeing people outside of business hours and just enjoying their company and catching up.   We were entertained by a magician, who was pretty good.  

Another night was spent in a meeting for the Fall Fair at Aidan's school.   I was the only parent volunteer, along with four other executives.

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