Saturday, September 26, 2009

Joined at the to speak

Aidan just came back from his friend's birthday party at Playground Paradise.  It's a nice facility, a city run facility where there's jungle gym; slide..etc for kids to play, like an indoor playground, with party rooms.

Aidan and his friend have been hanging around during the summer and created some kind of a bond.  The key words that seems to be prevalent in their vocabulary these days are the following words:  "can xxxxx come over and play?"

You would think that after two hours of playtime in Playground Paradise would be enough, the kids just surprises you about wanting to spend more time together.  After the birthday party, Aidan was so happy and excited about the loot bag he received and being invited to the party, he invited his friend to come over and play.  Seems like this two are joined at the hips.

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