Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lets Go To The Ex!

Oh baby...

We started the day with dim sum, we met Yeye, Ama and Popo because they missed Aidan.  Afterwards we went to the Ex.  We had loads of fun trying to win the big stuffed animals, Aidan was the lucky one, winning a couple of stuffed toys from the fishing game.  We ate lots of food (ice cream, corn dogs....),  my favourite was the Philippine Deli's Lumpiang Shanghai and Toron.   Aidan was the courageous one who went on rides, while Mom swears never to go on the kiddie ride with Aidan (if it's the last thing she does).  I was black and blue from the Dragon roller coaster and could have sworn that the coaster was going to topple over its side, while she was in it.

Aidan would have loved the Lego station at Kid's World but he got preoccupied playing in the playground and covered himself with sand from the waist down.

And also got this cool tattoo from the Fire station.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Things like this are so much better with a kid! I might have to rent Aidan one of these days :)
Rent-a-kid...now there's an idea!
Great pix.

MarissaDW said...

LOL! I'm sure he won't mind getting spoiled by someone else.

You see things in different perspective when you're with a kid, aside from the height perspective.