Thursday, September 03, 2009

Terry Fox Run (MDW's Family)

On Saturday, Sept 13, Wallace, Aidan and I will be participating in the Terry Fox Run, a 10km run / walk.  As a family, we try to participate in the Terry Fox Run every year, to raise funds for cancer research and to keep Terry Fox's dream alive. This is also in loving memory of my dad who died of brain cancer.

My goal is to collect a total of $500.00 pledge.  All money raised goes to cancer research.  Please support us on our fight for cancer and help us raise funds for Terry Fox Run (a  great cause).  Kindly support my team by clicking on my link - MDW's Family and sponsor my team.

Thank you in advance for your contribution / participation.


Sharon said...

Marissa, I can't seem to donate at the Terry Fox site. There is no participant number associated with either you or Aidan. Any ideas of what to do?

MarissaDW said...

Hey Sharon, on my blog, there's a link you can click on the title entry blog "Terry Fox Run (MDW's Family) or "MDW's Family", it should take you to the page where you can donate. Thanks in advance.

andy said...

Sharon, it's this one: