Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Volunteering Time for Aidan's school

Well I just volunteered to help out at Aidan's school event for October 24, 2009 - Fall Fair.  Save this date, if you're in the area, come join the Fall Fair.  

Whatever possessed me?  Well,  I guess I want to be more involved with what is going in Aidan's school and help raise the funds that the school needs, so that Aidan can have a better school experience.   I figured, if I can spend time volunteering for SOS Club, I can certainly put the time in to volunteer for Aidan's school, which will be home for him for the next 7 years.  

"Need to make a better place for you and me."  


andy said...

Pls be sure to pass along time & location information when available, sis.

Irene said...

You go for it Marissa, I've never felt better than when I was in the school with my boys, it became my place too. As a matter of fact I only just quit about 2 years ago, my boys had long left the elementary school but I stayed behind, (I'm sort of remedial). I always figure if the neighbourhood kids know me they will at least call 911 if I get hit by a car when I'm walking and not paying attention to the traffic.

MarissaDW said...

Andy...I will. I'm going to post in on the blog and FB.