Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Art by Aidan Wong

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.

Now a days, we tend to take things for granted about many things,  so I'd like to give  thanks for:

having such a caring and loving family
having such wonderful friends!
having a good health.
having a little miracle by the name of Aidan.
having a wonderful hubby.
having a wonderful cat named Minx.
having a job.
having time...
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    Irene said...

    I have a few of those turkeys around. I love them.

    martha brown said...

    Oh, his turkey art looks great!!! Did he do it in school?

    Susan Williamson said...

    What a great entry! One of the things I like about you is how happy you are and this post really proves it.
    P.S. Some fab art by Aidan too. It looks like he's following in his mom's footsteps.

    MarissaDW said...

    Martha...Yep, Aidan did the turkey art in school.

    Susan...Thanks! Hopefully, he'll be better.

    Irene...I have a feeling, I'll have a few of these.