Sunday, October 04, 2009

World Animal Day with National Geographic Kids

It's World Animal Day today at the Toronto Zoo, sponsored by the National Geographic.  We joined the celebration, to take part in activities and programs geared for kids to learn about the National World and to celebrate the appreciation for the WILD friends at the Toronto Zoo.   It rained while we were there but it didn't dampen our visit to see Toot and Puddle; Gorillas; polar bears; pet a snake and to enjoy a bit of the cake to celebrate World Animal day...well at least Aidan did.

One thing that I can never do is touch a snake but Aidan did.  Eeew.


juneh said...

I'm envious that Aidan got to meet Oliva....she's my favourite ADHD pig!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Such a beautiful boy.

MarissaDW said...

Hey June. I'm sure Aidan would be thrilled to meet Olivia but Toot and Puddle were the ones at the Toronto Zoo.

Leslie...Thank you!

andy said...

Sis, I posted my pics on Facebook