Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Days Before Christmas

I can't believe that it's seven days before Christmas, how time really flies.  All week I've been trying to get ready and get some things done ahead of time but sleep seem to overcome me.  But I did accomplish some things.

Almost done with shopping. Two more gifts to go.
Package to the States (wrapped and sent).  Done.
Made Christmas cards for families and friends. Done.  Additional cards from Holly Jolly Sale but still have to write and send them out).

Holiday Treats for Aidan's class.  Done, with a lot of help from Aidan, means more baking and making gift tags - piece of cake.
Christmas lunches and pot lucks. Three done and one more potluck to go. (must have gained 10lbs).
Treats for tomorrow's potluck lunch. Done.  Made some awesome chicken wings marinated in Korean BBQ sauce and some Cinnamon Roll cookies.

Sleep.  Coming right up.


andy said...

Like the revised layout, sis. Please be sure you get some rest!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Those cookies look divine! Have a happy holiday.