Friday, December 11, 2009


This time last year my Aunt Gloria was in the hospital throughout the holiday until she passed away on Jan 16 of this year.  Being at the hospital made me think how important to connect and to make an effort to stay in contact with family and friends.  Throughout the years, we started various traditions and events - garage sales, Holly Jolly show; Christmas dinners and baking day.

Last night we had Christmas dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and it's a nice way to catch up; relax and enjoy the night.

After dinner while waiting for the car to warm up, I happened to receive some sad news while checking my blackberry, about a friend and fellow artisan who suffered a great loss.  Her husband passed away peacefully after a long fight with cancer yesterday.   My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you, your son and family.   This is a hard journey to bear but your strength and love for your son and husband's memory will give you strength and help you through this rough time.  But know that you have friends who will be there to support you through this journey.  We'll be thinking of you!


andy said...

The day I visited Auntie Glo the day she died, it was heart-rending for me to leave. She had, upon my arrival, raised her arm and reached out to hold my hand. She held it tightly through the brief visit. I never apologized so much in my life even as I tried to maintain an erect posture as my flank pain intensified. That was the last time I saw her...

andy said...

minor correction... that visit was on the day BEFORE she passed away... left out a word. sorry,,,