Saturday, January 02, 2010

2009 - A year in Review

Ended 2009 and began 2010 with a sore throat and a kind of a cold (not sure....more of a sore throat).  Is that supposed to be good luck?  Anyway, I'm enjoying  a nice hot ginger and honey drink to soothe my throat.  A year in review for 2009:

Run the Scotiabank Rat Race (5km) - Completed June 18.
Run the Terry Fox Run (10km) - Completed Sept 13.
Cooked more. Yes but could do more cooking and try new recipes.
Bake more (Using my co-workers and colleagues as guinea pigs.).  Yes, gained enough these last few months.  I went crazy baking cookies but hmmm, they were all so good.
Join Latin Dancing or Ballroom dancing. Yes. Went with my friend Ana to do Fusion Jazz.  Learned some new steps, although, I'm not sure where I'll be using it. LOL!
Go to Chicago Illinois. (Completed: July 2009).  I love this city.   I want to go back to Chicago, just because.  Aidan wants to back to the Lego store, of course to buy more Legos.

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