Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Olympics Game

Surprisingly there were lots of people who came to the school's event, where the theme is Winter Olympics.  There was scooter hockey, bake sale, silent auction, souvlaki dinner and spanakopita dinner and lots of games for kids to win and redeem a prize.

Aidan won enough points by playing some games to redeem a Clone Wars puzzle (100 pieces).  Here he is showing his excitement in winning.

I was at the bake sale table helping out and oh it was so tempting to buy one a piece.   Aidan lend a hand at the bake sale table and was a great little helper, as the ticket collector.   

I bidded on two items: one was a baking kit basket and the second one was a scrapbooking basket.  Guess which one I won?

It was all for a great cause and everyone had lots of fun.

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Sharon said...

Aha! So Aidan has inherited your genes for raffle winnings.