Sunday, March 21, 2010

End of March Break

What a beautiful week to be off?  I would have loved to be one of those people who took off somewhere for March Break (ie. Barbados, Florida, Cuba, etc) but I quite enjoyed the week off in Toronto.

There were lots to do, enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather and we didn't even have to  deal with the chaos of traveling.   We had a great time during March Break: celebrating a few birthdays; went to dim sum; went to the zoo; played in the park; went to the ROM; went to Fort York; played soccer; danced Lula lounge with a friend; visited friends and families and relaxed.

Basking in the sun at the zoo with cousins

Little Soldier in a Big RedCoat


andy said...

My li'l old nephew looks dashing in a shako! Huzzah!

martha brown said...

I had a great week too -- i had my own little art retreat in my basement, and then I went to Michigan (shopping) for 3 days. Back to the littles tomorrow!