Monday, March 29, 2010

Was it Friday the 13th!

Friday started out on a sour note already.  The time that I woke up I already started feeling scratchy throat and stuffed up.  That was during the day. To top it off, I had bad case of stomach pains  all night long and the only relief I can get was to try to make myself throw up.    No I didn't have the stomach flu, apparently just consumed too much almonds, combined with fish and gas-X, Cold FX.   It got so bad at 2am, Wallace had to call the ambulance because I was balled up and broke into cold sweat after BM. But in Marissa land, it never fails, by the time the ambulance came, my stomach pain disappeared.....which was totally embarrassing.  I felt like I cried wolf.


Carmi said...

Marissa! I am so glad you were okay!!

MarissaDW said...

Me, too. It felt like having labour pains.