Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to see the King Tut exhibit at the AGO with my friend, who will remain nameless.  (-:    The exhibit had a spectacular collection on display and it featured the largest image of King Tut - a 10-foot statue of the pharaoh found at the remains of the funerary temple.   The statue still retained some of its original paint.  My friend wanted to take a photo, but as you know at AGO, there's no photography of the artwork and exhibit allowed.   Needless to say "flash" went off and the security guard came out from behind the statue, quizzing everyone in the room with her booming voice.   I must admit, she was brave by stepping forward.  Nothing happened...didn't get kicked out, didn't erase the image, but received a stern warning.  But was it worth it???  Hmm. We definitely had a good laugh and definitely made the AGO outing a lot interesting.

This is the spectacular image of the 10 foot statue....I got off the internet.  (-:

I also had a chance to see the new AGO look.  The inside is spectacular, a lot different than what the renovated facade outside.  I'm still trying to figure out, whether I like it or not.


andy said...

I know who "the friend" is... I know who, I know who! Hee-hee-hee!

andy said...

Sorry, sis... I was having an Arnold Horshack moment back there...,_Kotter#Arnold_Horshack

Lost Aussie said...

Great exhibition isn't it?
Thanks for adding my Online Class Button to your Blog!