Monday, May 24, 2010

Victoria Day Weekend

Aside from commemorating Queen Victoria's birthday, it's my weekend to start gardening.   We went to the new garden store Reeves at Danforth and Donlands.   They have some great selection and excellent service.  There's no parking but you can find parking on the side streets or on Danforth.  They've setup an  area to pull in to load all your purchases and some excellent helpers to tend to your purchases.

Our big purchase this weekend, were Japanese Maple tree - Bloodgood (replacing the one we bought last year)....hopefully we have better luck with this one); Lupin; Hughes Juniper and a variety of annuals.

Aidan's first attempt on his bike w/o the training wheels.  

Our version of our fireworks.

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andy said...

My little old nephew is a natural!