Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let's Go To The Ex!

In this hot summer day, we braved the Ex.   Got the all day pass for Aidan and he had a blast.   Uncle Andy joined us for the day and we actually just got home after dropping him off.   I think we tired him out.

A day at the Ex would not be complete without getting a dose of the Tiny Tim Donuts, Philippine Deli, Mid-way ride and games.   Aidan was fairly lucky with the games, winning Froggie, a blow up Batman; stuffed snakes and Donkey.   Actually, the Batman was a result of a trading in the giant Rugrat plastic inflatable hammer.  Wallace was wise enough to trade it in for the Batman, as he was in the receiving end of the hammer and became a gavel for 15 mins.
Short Round
Dragon Ride
Cooling off at Soak City


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Wonderful pictures Marissa! I love the dragon ride! My gosh. If the motorcycle shot is any indication of what it will be like when Aidan starts driving.....how many years have we left? This makes me want to go to the EX!

andy said...

I can almost hear Capshaw shouting for "Indy!!!" Mind, Aidan has an uncanny technique playing Wii Resorts Swordplay... he just wails up and down... woe to the opponent! LOL