Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Project - Part 4 (Completed)

The summer project for 2010 is basically the Living Room / Dining Room reno.   Part 1:  the removal of the tiles, parquet flooring; railings; Part 2: Retiling the foyer (if you can call it that); putting up the wall frame for the hallway; re-wiring the electrical outlets;  Part 3:  Laying out the hardwood flooring and closing up the wall; Part 5: Repainting the living room and dining room; Part 6: Finishing Touches (Putting up the baseboard and moulding).

Wallace completed the hardwood flooring beginning of August, It's truly an amazing job.


martha brown said...

It looks fabulous Marissa!

andy said...

Please be sure to tell Wallace he did a superb job -- not just for yourself, sis, but from me :D

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Do you hire Wallace out? Great job. Now I'm inspired.