Thursday, September 09, 2010

Back to School

School Mascot with Principal.  Kick start of school
Aidan started school on Tuesday, his school had a little parade with ROARA leading the pack.  He's in French Immersion SK and loving it.   Although, he didn't think he was going to do well in French, last Friday when he had a bit of an anxiety attack.

Meeting new teacher

Partners in crime


andy said...

3rd picture -- Bonnie & Clyde of your street :D LOL

andy said...

Boy he looked really apprehensive but hyper-cute in picture #2... Next time I see him I'll yell "Allons-y, Aidan!!!"

andy said...

:D Last time I saw him he asked why I always have a backpack when I'm not in school. He's something else, Marissa. To my credit, I didn't explain you don't have to be a student to use a backpack :D Well, maybe next time I'll give him a hard time as usual. I started teaching how to do abdominal breathing... Lesson 2 next time :D

andy said...

LOL - the 1st picture... I thought it was Gordon Sumner (Sting) in the vest LOL -- whew!