Sunday, September 05, 2010

Walks Like a Duck

Walks like a duck....looks like a duck.....It is a duck!

It was a cool weather for fishing but we braved the elements.  My mistake was not bringing a jacket.  Luckily we had a blanket in the car, so I brought that along and cozied up and relaxed in a camping chair  and read my book - Visions of White by Nora Roberts.

Meanwhile, Aidan was nice and cozy in his bright yellow rain coat.  Both Wallace and Aidan fished the whole afternoon. The sun peeked out throughout the afternoon, which kept everyone warm.  They caught a gamut of fishes...two sunfishes, a big catfish, a baby catfish and another type of fish.

(Used PE.  Layered with Cloud and used Color Burn Effect)
Aidan Waddling like a Duck
(Layered photo with Cloud and used Color Halftone Effects)

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