Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

I volunteered at my son's school, today.   It was a busy day with Halloween Parade and Pizza Day.  I personally don't know how teacher's do it everyday, keeping track of 20-25 kids.  It's exhausting just watching them, at work.  How do they keep track of all the kids?  I really enjoyed the day.

Aidan dressed up a as a sheriff / cowboy.  Quite handsome I might add.  I was also busy taking photos for the school yearbook, but the kids are like a blur.....I mean literally.  One minute their in one spot and another minute their gone.

Afterwards, it was off to Ontario Science Centre and spent the afternoon at Kidspark and Space Exhibit. .   Aidan's favourite spot is the market place where he can be a customer buying groceries or be a cashier.

We went to a Haunted HOuse at one of the Community Centre, tonight.  Aidan got spooked with all the spooky characters jumping up and scaring guests.

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