Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day!

After a day of celebration at the Wong residence, dinner, gifts and more gifts.  We got to sleep in this morning (actually we woke up at our standard it is still early).   At least we're not rushing out to go shopping, just a lot of cleaning up and more opening of presents because a certain someone, got tonnes of gifts.  We usually opened gifts in the morning but Aidan managed to only open one gift - the AT-AT he got from Santa.

I got a new toy, an iPhone 4 and was playing around with it all day yesterday ( between church, cleaning and getting ready for Christmas dinner).  

We had a lovely Christmas dinner at home with my aunts, brother, hubby and little Aidan (not so little).  Thanks for another fine cooking by hubby - turkey roast and roast.  Even Minx was happy with his gifts two blankets to get cozy at night and to play during the day.

We're off to dinner at my in-laws later this afternoon.   Did I say that I gained back the weight I lose in November / December.....Aaargh!


andy said...

Love the way my l'il ol' nephew does his pre-flight check of the AT-AT. He meticulously opened each panel, inspected the contents therein & resecured each panel after bestowing his "Perfect" vocally.

Karen said...

Happy Holidays Marissa!

Irene said...

Thank you for your Christmas Greetings Marisa, I see you had a wonderful celebrations as well. These are the best times, trust me. My guys are big, and opening gifts is boring, and much more $$$$. How was your workshop An Angel's Anthology (Nov. 8)? Did I miss your posts?