Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm feeling really dumb. I've been trying to match hoods with my winter coats, they are all about the same material and colour. I thought I only had the two hoods to match but I realized today, that I actually had a total of three: one for my short ski jacket; one for long coat and the last one for a winter vest. Hmm. I've been wondering why a certain hood didn't fit with my long Gap winter coat, I usually wear to work. Now I know why. To think that I was trying to force this hood on my long coat. Doh! I found the third hood - it was buried in my closet and pulled it out today...Eureka! I finally have a hood on my coat.


nancy said...

this "getting old" crap sucks!!!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Welcome to my world!

martha brown said...

I decided to give everyone who left a comment (on my blog) about art retreats one of my little fabric collages!
Arte you going to Mixed Minded in Kitchener?
Please send me your address and I'll send you a little goodie in the mail!