Sunday, January 02, 2011

Life List to Accomplish in 2011

This is a “To Do” list for my life. This encompasses many things I aspire to do in my lifetime and is a constant reminder to get off the couch!

  1.  Eat well, Exercise well and Sleep well. (Started on Weightwatcher's Online: Oct 13...Continue for 2011.
  2. Go to work earlier than usual.
  3. Declutter and purge more item.
  4. Continue to sell stuff on eBay and Amazon.  
  5. Continue with my Zumba and Body Pump Classes.
  6. Read more.   Lots to read for 2011,  Wicked, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia and other books in my I Plan to Read bookshelf).
  7. Blog regularly in 2011 (Especially more on art stuff).
  8. Scrapbook about Aidan.
  9. Learn how to use my Nikon D90 camera.
  10. Use my Bamboo.
  11. Learn Photoshop.
  12. Continue the annual tradition to Run the Terry Fox Run (10km). 
  13. Take Ice Skating Lessons.
  14. Take Letterpress class at Kozo Studio.
  15. Create and organize my art space.
  16. Finish my online classes that I took in 2010.  
  17. Take more online classes 2011.
  18. Keep in touch with my friends who inspire me to be creative.
  19. Keep in touch with my family and friends who support me.
  20. Take a trip (to Madrid to visit my niece in the summer, Orlando, Florida or on a Cruise)..
  21. Three month hiatus on buying arts and crafts supplies and magazines.
  22. Make Starbooks for friends and families for 2011.


Sharon said...

A daunting but do-able list. Gorgeous orchid.

andy said...

I haven't loaned you any books lately... I hope :)