Monday, January 03, 2011

A Year in Review for 2010

* Eat well, Exercise well and Sleep well. (Started on Weightwatcher's Online: Oct 13. Lost some weight, although I gained them all back during Christmas celebration). *
* Love Zumba class and started Body Pump. *
* Try New Recipes for Dinner. (Check out MDW's Kitchen Blog). *
* Learn Photoshop. Took online Digital Magic with Marie Otero and learned a few techniques on Photoshop *
* Run the Terry Fox Run (10km). Ran the Terry Fox Run on Sept 19 with Aidan on his bike. *
* More Winter sports. Skated more this year. *
* Travel this year took us to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival and had a chance to visit my friend Rubyn. *
* Relaxed at Blue MOuntain and splashed at Great Wolf Lodge. *
* Met up with highschool friends (who are near and dear to my heart) regularly for Game Night / Movie night. * 

Major Highlight of the Year....
Hubby turned big 40!
Celebrated our 10th year Anniversary
My friend Kumari and Eric had a baby boy which put a smile on my face.
Aidan in SK (French Immersion).
Seeing Andy and John on FB (wait...what am I saying).
Having my family together for the Holidays. (I'm already missing having everyone's too quiet around the house).

My favourite photo of 2010
Cousins that colour together.......bonds together.

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andy said...

LOL -- u know what I'm laughin' @, sis!!!