Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Today....

Outside my window....It's very cold and dark.
I am thinking....TGIF...Sushi lunch next week.
I am thankful for...Aidan going to sleep early today.
From the learning rooms...I'm behind two online classes (it has started and ended).  Wait make that three.
From the kitchen...Shrimp and pasta in olive oil and garlic.
I am cozy purple sweatshirt.
I am entry on my art journal.
I am going... to watch my recorded show - CSI NY.
I am reading....Still reading Harry Potter and  the Prisoner of Azkabhan and Eat, Pray and Love.
I am see visit my Aunt tomorrow, who is celebrating her birthday on Monday.
I am hearing....CSI NY theme song.
Around the a new orchid...salmon pink colour (I think).

1 comment:

Sharon said...

It sounds like a very full evening. Love the colour of that orchid. It may be time for me to buy another since 2 have died. What did I do wrong?