Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Family Day!

Family Day was spent at the National Home Show at the Direct Energy.  My favourite part of the show, when we do the model homes that they have.  This year there were three model homes -  the Traditional Model Home; the Glass Home and the Man Cave.  My favourite of the three was the traditional Model home, apparently designed by Debbie Travis.

I got some great ideas for gardening and displaying if I can only remember them.  Oh wait. I did take some photos.
Trying out Leather sofa
Rogers Red Zone
Maple Leafs Flag

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Gracie "Neky White" said...

Happy Family Day for you too! I'm sad that you didn't won something in OWOH but there's always a chance to receive something from somebody uh? What about our journal swap? I have a few already but you can tell me what do you want me to do. XD Email me if you want!