Friday, February 11, 2011

What Inspires me?

When I need some Inspiration, I look to various sources:

One of them, I don't have to look too far, as my son gives me inspiration whenever he comes home with his artwork; when he paints; draws; and play with his toys.

Getting together with Friends:  Once in awhile, we get together as a group and to do a specific project - beading; wire jewelry project; mixed media project.

Taking Online Courses: There are some terrific online classes that I've taken in the last six months.   Marie Oteros' Digital Magic or Digital Journal Magic; and Crescendo Creative Lab.

Looking at Magazines and Books: I have a huge selection of books and magazines.  Varying from beading; wired jewelry; Collage Art and Calligraphy.  I used to buy them all the time, but I now tend to borrow them from the library.

Taking the Challenge: I started taking challenges online such as Brenda's Photo Challenge; Art Journal Everyday; Creative Everyday Challenge and continuously pushing myself to blog on a regular basis.

OWOH: Blog hopping to OWOH participants's blogs and discovering multi talented people all around the world.  I specifically like these blogs and will be following them:  Sketching Backpacker; postcards from miss igorota; ludgera's life and many more (check out my OWOH Blog Friends).

Hopefully with these inspiration, I'll keep the creativity flowing and inspire everyone, as well.

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