Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 4 - Premium Outlet

Going to the States also means going shopping at the Premium Outlet. My Favourite stores to checkout are Ann Taylor, Gap Outlet and J Crew. I think I bought more than my luggage can handle....yikes!

A relaxing afternoon swim and nap followed suit.

Late in the afternoon we trekked back to Islands of adventure while I lined up for glimpse of the castle and went on the Harry Potter ride while Aidan n Wallace went to Seuss Park. The line-up at the Harry Potter was long but it went fairly fast. The wait was well worth it. The exhibit that they had was amazing and the effects were spectacular. The had oxfords where the characters were talking; professor Dumbledore was at his study and finally the ride which took you to different portions of scenes through Hogwarts.

Sorting Hat
Line up for the Butterbeer
Moving Chess Pieces 
City Walk
While waiting to have dinner at Jakes American Bar we happened to chat with a couple who also came from T.O.

Waiting at Jakes American Bar

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