Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Walk

What a beautiful day for a walk! Aidan had a b-day party this afternoon and Wallace went with him. He's still not up to getting dropped off, so Wallace stuck around with him. While I went for a walk on Danforth in search of some new Sid Dickens tiles. It took me awhile to do a round trip from home to the store Bullet, as it is not the only stop I ended making. I felt like Billy from the Family Circus, where I made quite a few stops before getting to my intended destination. There was stops at the following shops: Ages Stages; Celsa's Filipino Craft and Arts Supplies; Rogers; Fruit Market; Press Internationale; Carrot Common clothing shop; and finally Bullet. I found two new tiles to display on our dining room wall and cheaper price than online - Sid Dickens' site and eBay.

T259 - Asian Bloom

T260 - Festina Lente
Of course, it was such a gorgeous day I had to have my Caramel Light Frapuccino at Starbacks.


Sharon said...

Love the Sid Dickens. How do you hang them? With a plug or picture hanger?

andy J.S. Decepida said...

Mari -- your Pinoy accent is showing :) Check out your post's last word -- LOL :)

MarissaDW said...

Andy....Ha! Ha! I didn't even see it.
Sharon..We use picture hanger, just make sure it can hold the weight.