Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge: THEME: 16-04-11 Spring Easy!

Spring Easy - Tulip Left:  Tissue paper adhered to my journal with silver background.  On the right: My impression painting of the Tulip painted in Luminarte Twinkling H20 (sparkling watercolour).

Photo of  one of my Journal entry "Spring Easy"

 Spring Easy: Head-start to Gardening:  Every year, I always buy baskets of herbs and cut flowers.  This year I'm determined to grow them from seedlings.

Spring Easy: Head-start
Srping Easy: Seed Choices for garden

April is Daffodil Month:  I love daffodils.   Cancer Society always sells Daffodils to raise funds and I look for them in April.  I didn't have to look for them really hard this year,.luckily they setup shop at Loblaws Supercentre near our place.

Daffodil buds

Daffodils in full bloom
Daffodils and Clone Trooper
Spring in Toronto:  Spring in Canada is usually still cool. However, we lucked out this year, it's been warm enough to go out without a jacket.  But it's warm enough to start the BBQ and play some street hockey and sidewalk drawing.


Out on the prairie said...

Your tulip[s are super, I need to try that paint. I would like my sidewalk done.

Donna said...

Love these Marissa! And I LOVE a good BBQ! Nothing like BBQ to herald in Spring!!Hahaa
Hoping it warms up quick for you!!
Happy weekend!

Donna said...

I love those daffies! They are my favorite flower!!!

Sharon said...

Oh my, I have a yearning for more orchids especially since 2 of mine didn't bloom this year. Maybe I should try growing herbs from seed. The only obstacle is the cat. She would be competing for window ledge space.

Brenda said...

Wonderful Spring photos!

Ann said...

I love all your shots. I'm doing the same thing with seeds. We normally buy the plants but I thought I would try growing my own this year.

Janice said...

Love your daffodil pictures and your tulips are amazing! Good Luck with all of your seeds! I've been thinking about grilling, but just haven't fired up the grill yet...Have a happy spring!