Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Brenda Photo Challenge: Theme-May Flowers

You know the saying "April showers bring May flowers".  We certainly had our share of April showers this year and although our garden is north facing, we do get our May flower blooms but a little later than everyone else.  I know I was only supposed to post 3 flowers, but I'm "shutterbug" and there are so many flowers to share.

First blooms in my garden - Crocus

Phlox already in bloom at my in-laws' garden
Gift for Mother's day from my mother-in-law

May Anniversary Flowers
Tulips in our garden
Full blown tulips in our garden
Here's a link to all other May Flowers snaps from The Brenda Photo Challenge

For those in Canada - have a nice long weekend during Victoria Weekend!
For those in the US - hang in more week for your Memorial Day weekend!


Out on the prairie said...

Very well done Marissa. I like those flowers in your Moms Day gift.

Donna said...

Almost Every one of these will Not grow nicely here!! They are Beautiful flowers! Really wish they would...Nice Job Girl!!
Happy weekend to you....

Irene said...

Am I going to see your garden on the Swansea tour in June? It sure looks like it would qualify. Have a great weekend.

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely flowers. And thanks for your visit to mine. The flowers have just been wonderful haven't they?

SUGAR MOON said...

I can see why it was hard to choose. They're great! Have a nice day!!

Brenda said...

Wonderful shots for the challenge!

Ann said...

Wow, look at all those gorgeous flowers. My hydrangea is just starting to get leaves on it now. I can't wait till it blooms.

Mama Hancock said...

I LOVE the Crocus! Great pics!!