Sunday, May 01, 2011

Creative Every Day Theme for May: Big

I thought I'd start of the month of May with the Creative Every Day Theme for May a collection of photos depicting BIG and Large things:

Big and small (Dora and Aidan) at Canada's Wonderland
Big Ferris Wheel at Niagara Falls
Another angle of Big Ferris wheel at Niagara Falls
Big Annual Event  - Terry Fox Run
Big Perspectiv eo Eglinton
Some tips and other ideas:
  • Paint big! Tack sheets of paper to the wall and get painting. Add more sheets as needed.
  • Dream big! Write down your 5 *big* dreams. Take one small step towards one of them.
  • Get out in nature where you can feel small in a big world.
  • Take photographs, looking up at large things. Or make small things look big with the angle of your shot.
  • Take big risks with your work.
  • Free associate in writing about what the word "big" means to you.
  • Take up space with your body, your attitude, your work. Act big instead of small.
  • Create a mural or draw an extra large chalk drawing (get help from friends or children!)
  • Write large and loud.
  • Draw with large, sweeping strokes. Get your whole body into the action of it.

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