Sunday, September 11, 2011

46 things to do before I turn 47

I just turned 46 and was spoiled silly by my boys.  I had a great celebration, starting with breakfast, outing for the day and dinner with my two fabulous guys. Thanks for all the birthday greetings from family and friends.

I had seen this kind of list on other blogs over the years and wanted to do one of my own.   I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to think of 46 things that I wanted to do this year.  Well, that is not exactly true, 46 things that are worth putting on a list.
46 Things to do Before I Turn 47!

  1. Be regular in gym for 3 months in a row. (Have been a member at LA Fitness since January and going to Fitness training).
  2. Lose 10 pounds. (Lost 8 lbs, so far).
  3. Eat right, Sleep right and exercise. (Definitely Sleeping better...eating can be better).
  4. Get an iMac notebook or iPad 2(Got an iPad2 for my b-day).
  5. Learn to use my Nikon Digital SLR.
  6. Use my Bamboo.
  7. Transfer all my CD(s) to my iPod playlists.
  8. Learn Photoshop by going through my Digital Magic Digital Journal DVD workshop by Maria Otero.
  9. Visit my brother in New Jersey.  (Went on March Break)
  10. Take Aidan to Metropolitan Museum.
  11. Go to Miami, Florida, visit family.
  12. Have a Pampered Chef party. (Hosted a Pampered Chef Party in Oct 2011).
  13. Sell something on my Etsy Store.
  14. Turn shadowbox into earring organizer
  15. Volunteer to take photos for the school yearbook. (Taking photos for my son's school for 2011-2012)
  16. Read all the books my niece gave me and all the books by Kathy Reich.
  17. Purge and downsize my collection of rubberstamps; art supplies and magazines.
  18. Create my family tree.
  19. Learn a new game with Aidan.
  20. Create a new blog banner
  21. Plant a vegetable container with Plum Tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.  (Planted tomatoes).
  22. Go to a drive-in movie.
  23. Start up a Scrapbook (about Aidan).
  24. Take a week off with NO TV!   (No issues with that took a week here and there).
  25. Go on a 4 day cruise to Bahamas or go to Turks and Cacos.
  26. Create and organize my art space.
  27. Put three dollars away every single day for a year. At the end of the year, invest the money in the stock market or buy bonds. (Saving so far so good).
  28. Go for tapas. Tried it before at Embrujo Flamenco.
  29. Try out Hot Yoga. (Told a friend that I would try it with her).
  30. Make Starbooks for friends and families.   (I made one for Aidan's teacher...need to do another one).
  31. Plant Gladiolas, Dahlias and Allium for Spring and Summer 2012. (I have some awesome blooms of these flowering plants for 2012.
  32. Shop at Grove City, PA Outlet Mall.
  33. Send Christmas cards  and finish buying or making Christmas presents by Dec 1, 2011. (Managed to send all my Christmas cards this year...not necessarily right at Dec 1 and finished Christmas shopping for my out of town family and sent them on time).
  34. Take Sewing Class and use my sewing machine more often.   Completed Sewing Class on Jan 29 with Susan at Wise Daughters.
  35. Submit artwork for Square Foot Show in 2012.
  36. Continue with Terry Fox Run. (Completed Terry Fox Run with family and raised $945).
  37. Finish all my online classes on Big Picture Classes from 2011
  38. Make my own sushi.
  39. Go on an overnight or weekend getaway with girlfriends either shopping or Saint Anne's Spa
  40. Draw or create something on my art journal everyday.
  41. Bake a pie from scratch. (Made a Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving), but made it with a ready made pie shell).
  42. Write a blog entry every day for three months.
  43. Learn a French word everyday, use it in a phrase and post it on my blog, for a month.
  44. Buy a new fridge this year.
  45. Work on a house project with my husband.
  46. Make my friend's Tiramisu recipe(Made my friend's Tiramisu recipe when I hosted the Pampered Chef in Oct 2011).
This could be a pretty fun year!


nancy said...

happy birhtday and good luck with your list...............
i;m inspired to get organized and do some stuff around my house!

MarissaDW said...

Thanks Nancy! Really trying to be on the ball. I figured if I make a list, it will get done. (-: