Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Word of the Day: Inscription

Inscription (n): registration.

Aujourd'hui c'etait l'inscription pour les Toronto programmes des parcs et de recreation.
Today was registration for the Toronto Parks and Recreation programs.   

The one thing I dread is missing registration for the recreation programmes, so I set every available alarms in the room.  The one good thing about getting a good night sleep is that I end up waking up after seven hours of sleep.  Which is what exactly happened this morning?   I was able to get the first choices for swimming and ball hockey.

Speaking of swimming....

This weekend we trekked over to the zoo to see the African Penguins.  Wallace and Aidan already saw them when they went in June, but wanted to see them.    I didn't realize that they were small,  I was expecting big penguins like the size of the Emperor Penguins.  What was I thinking?  But they are still adorable.

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