Monday, September 26, 2011

Lose First Tooth

Waiting for the tooth to come out.

It's an exciting weekend for Aidan, he lose his first tooth and had a visit from the tooth fairy last night.  It's actually been a long time coming.  The dentist mentioned that he would lose one of his tooth in a few weeks based on the visit we had, at the end of July.  About a month and a half later, he finally lose his tooth and a had a great big smile.  The only thing he didn't like was the taste of blood.

In the plastic bag where I placed his tooth, it said:  "j'ai perdu ma dent, aujourd'hui - Sept 25, 2011".   He asked me what it says and when I read it out to him, he asked me, if the tooth fairy comes from France or whether he/she can understand French or other languages. 

French Word of the Day:
perdre (v):  to lose.

Aidan a perdu sa dent, 25 septembre, 2011.

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andy J.S. Decepida said...

Wow, my l'il ol' nephew is truly sharp if he can peg it down to those 2 relevant points... Allons-y, Aidan!!!