Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en!

The festivities started out during the weekend with the neighbour's Hallowe'en Party as Harry Potter; Pumpkin Carving; Hallowe'en Class party; Penny Arcade and Trick or Treating.
Clockwise from Left (Vampire Pumpkin - designed by Aidan, carved by Wallace); Harry Potter for Neighbour's Hallowe'en Party; Trick or Treating as Captain America with Zombie; Aidan's Hallowe'en stash and hanging out with friends H and Miss Skunk.

Just looking at all the candies that Aidan collected tonight is making my stomach ache.  Okay...maybe it's because of all the flavoured tootsie rolls that I've been eating.  LOL!   BTW.  Where are those Cookies and Cream chocolates?

Joyeux Halloween!

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