Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pampered Chef Cooking Show

Last night I hosted a Pampered Chef Cooking Show for my friends and Ali Squires was our Pampered Chef.   For those who knows about their products can only rave and swear by it.  I became a convert and hooked on their products when I was invited by a friend in July.

My fave Pampered Chef products, so far are the rectangular bar pan, signature rectangular dish and mix n' scraper.

It was a fun night of food tasting, drinks and demo.
top left:  potato & sweet potato wedges; from top right: Chicken Florentine ring


Irene said...

I'd love the recipe for the Chicken Florentine ring, I'm sure I have that clay bakcer.

MarissaDW said...

Irene...will do. Stay tune, will post it on MDW's Kitchen shortly.