Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Faves Fridays - Colours!

Martha is starting Five Faves Fridays , check it out!  I think this will be fun to do.  I was missing Wee Bit Wednesday, so this is great substitute (but better LOL!)

First Up -- My five favourite colours

My favourite colours change and evolve. The following colours reflect what I am wearing , accessories and the colours that I love to have in my home. These are my current five favourite colours:
  1. Blue. This shouldn't surprise anyone. This colour always show up in my art, clothes, home decor.
  2. Red. Surprisingly, this ended up as one of my fave colours. I used to think it was flashy. I guess my friend Sibel influenced me. I've been always conservative with the colours of accessories but I've been converted I now have red purse, red wallet and love splashing it in my art.
  3. Black. I wear lots of black (50% of my clothing is black or has something black).
  4. Violet. I didn't realize that I have quite a selection of violet shirts (long and short), until my sister-in-law mentioned it to me.
  5. >Brown. I also love deep chocolate brown. Another colour which I have a huge selection of clothing. It also makes a great accents for around the house.
If I have a sixth fave colour, it would be gold mustard.

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martha brown said...

Thanks for playing -- I like reading about what colours people like.
I had pictures all through mine but they won't post. Grr.