Sunday, January 01, 2012

A Year at a Glance 2011

Accomplished in 2011

Read more. Have been reading Kathy Reich's series. Lots to read for 2011, Wicked, Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia and other books in my I Plan to Read bookshelf).

Blog regularly in 2011 (Especially more on art stuff).
Learn how to use my Nikon D90 camera. Have been taking online Manual Mode classes and taking more photos manually. Nov 30.  Taking photos for my son's school yearbook.

Continue the annual tradition to Run the Terry Fox Run (10km). Completed Sept 18. Thanks for your contribution.

Take Ice Skating Lessons. Started class on Jan 10, 2011. Took 2nd skating class on April 2011 for 9 weeks.
Take classes at Mixed Media Minded 2011. Enjoyed the classes at Mixed Media Minded weekend.

Take a trip (to Madrid to visit my niece in the summer, Orlando, Florida or on a Cruise). March 19: Back from Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios Resort)

Three month hiatus on buying arts and crafts supplies and magazines. Jan 18: Already broke down and bought the Crafters Companion Ultimate Card Making System. 
Extended three month hiatus to April 30, 2011.


martha brown said...

Happy New Year!

Leslie Jane Moran said...

Happy New Year's to continued success!