Friday, February 10, 2012

46 in 46: Day 4 & 5 Purging Continues

Day 4: Recyled Paper
Between paper work at work and paper from Aidan's school, I have a high stack of paper to be filed and recycled.  After going through my files, this batch is going to  the recycling bin, which went out the door today.

Day 5:Bizzy B Second Hand Sale
Perusing through my drawers of rubberstamp collection, I've decided to part with these stamps and put them up for sale at Bizzy B's Second Hand Sale on Feb 25 @10am-3pm


Irene said...

You've been very busy, I can't seem to part with any stamps. The papers do pile up don't they. Notes and stuff, we were suppose to be a paperless world.

MarissaDW said...

I've had a hard time parting with my rubberstamps supplies for years, but I really need a work area of my own. I used to have the room in the basement but converted it to a family room. So I have to downsize my stash and recover some area to work on.