Sunday, February 19, 2012

Death du Jour

I got hooked on Kathy Reichs books since last year...after Bones went on break for the summer.  I just couldn't get enough it.  It's not that I'm into body parts, but mystery novels have always peaked my interest.

Forensic anthropologist Temperance "Temp" Brennan has plenty on her mind: she's been asked to identify the remains of a nineteenth-century nun who's being considered for sainthood; the coroner wants her to examine the grisly remains from a Quebec arson fire--a doubly painful task because two of the dead are babies; she's involved in determining the identities of two corpses found near an island research lab; her annoying sister, Harry, is involved in a bizarre "life empowerment seminar"; and she is struggling with her attraction to Detective Andrew Ryan. But Temp forgets her personal problems when she discovers a link between the Quebec arson case and a bizarre North Carolina cult. Then, to her horror, she learns that the cult leader is preparing his flock for Armageddon. Temp is determined to stop the near-certain deaths of the innocent cult followers, but, as in a terrifying nightmare, she's thwarted at every turn. Death Du Jour is the second book of Kathy Reich's series of books. 

She continues to intrigue me with her twist and turns; a possible love interest in Ryan and the fact that she writes about Montreal and South Carolina's geographical areas. Two thumbs up!

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andy J.S. Decepida said...

I like the TV show “Bones” — although I don’t get to watch it religiously — so maybe I should look up the writing of the author whose life and published work is the basis for the show, eh?