Monday, February 13, 2012

Five Faves Friday! Favourite Clothing Stores

Catching up wiht Five Faves Friday.  My Five Favourite Clothing Store to go to (online and at store shopping) are:
  1. Gap
  2. Esprit
  3. Anthropologie (Although I can only afford things on sale).
  4. Express.  (So happy they opened a store in T.O. - at Fairview Mall too).
  5. RW and Co.

I have to add a sixth one...Ann Taylor.  I love their clothes.  I tried to shop online but they don't ship to Canada, so I wait when I go States side to shop at their store.

Store Update - Feb 13, 2012
 While I was Fairview Mall tonight, I noticed that Esprit store was bare bone two staff, a dozen or two jeans hanging on the rack.  The store was completely empty.  I didn't realize that they were closing the Esprit store in Canada and U.S.  I guess that pushes up Ann Taylor in my list of Favourite Stores.

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